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Geilenkirchen, Germany

This is the area near the German border where Ed Souder,
along with four other men were wounded on 28 November 1944
by a German 88mm near miss exploding directly behind the
jeep they were riding in.

Ed Souder's notes:

The map depicted below is a map detailing the area of
Geilenkirchen, Germany. It is the area where Ed Souder
fought from October 1944 to November 1944.

Note: Geilenkirchen is the large town located on the
extreme left side of map, center, with the straight line
extending to top of map.

Paraphrasing Ed Souder's words:


Oh the memories!

Look at the area around Hiway B 56 and the town of Apweiler
-- Immendorf -- Prummerin -- Gereonsweiler (on Highway B 57)
and then go North out of Apweiler to find Beeck.

It was along that lonely road that I [Ed Souder] went with
Capt. Peterson on November 21 - 23 and where I had the radio
shot off my back and where I bandaged the captain's leg and
sent the radio message to Battalion and raised the artillery fire.


Oh the memories!

The area of Geilenkirchen -- Lindern -- Gereonsweiler --
Puffendorf, where the famous tank battles of late November
were fought and Co. F. got as far as a little farm called
'Auf-denkusch', where on November 28th, I was and went back
to Geilenkirchen. On the road B 56, between Immendorf and
Puffendorf, that I got hit by the 88 artillery shell.


The river depicted to extreme right of image is the Roer River.

 Map depicted is courtesy of Edward L. Souder.